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What we do
SPHOTS is a platform that provides virtual Product Placement in international films.
We united marketing, film industry, and tech professionals to make sure your Brand is noticed.
Our Team takes care of your Brand at all stages of the integration process, ensuring the best value for money.
Optimized production cost.
Price depends on the selected market
A Brand is integrated into the film version, which is released on Brand's target territories
No need to send a physical product to the film set
What will you get
It's not annoying or breaking into the content. Your Brand is seamlessly integrated into the story and cannot be "skipped." It's the most organic way to capture your audience and enhance brand equity.
You paid once, but your grandchildren will see your Brand when they watch a movie. One marketing effort works for you for decades, increasing sales revenues.
Your Brand is placed in the relevant scene, and a Lead Character interacts with your product.
You can make a story around it that builds trust and positively impacts consumers' purchase intent.
How we do it
Carefully select the content
We acquire product placement rights in international films from independent filmmakers and studios. Each project goes through detailed assessment by our analytical experts.
Identify product placements
Each scene is evaluated depending on period of exposure, type of interaction and complexity of integration. Pricing also depends on the market your Brand wants to target.
Create Brand's virtual model
Once a deal is signed, our VFX team creates a CGI model of your product according to the brand-book and artwork provided. We work hand-in-hand with a Brand to ensure quality.
Embed a model into the content
We make sure the model is embedded into the relevant spot of the localized version for the selected territory. We also report further traction of the coverage after a film is released.
To make brand integration most effective, we keep following rules:
A variety of products available for placement in each film is limited to 10 categories.
No competitors
Only ONE brand in the category can be placed in the chosen territory.
(i.e. we don't place 2 wine brands in the same film in the same market)
No ads clutter
We work hand-in-hand with independent producers and studios, selecting appealing stories that can be distributed globally. We analyze each project pitched by our producers' network and identify the most suitable content for virtual product placement.
At each stage of production, we make sure that brand integration is performed in the best interest of our clients.
Changing the black and white piano keys is like changes in human life.
The young talented heroine of the film, Rosa, has to make sure of this just at the moment of fame - during the performance when she was solo playing the piano. To the enchanting sounds of her music, she realizes that she is losing her hearing in the hall full of enthusiastic listeners.
Is deafness, like a black piano key - a punishment or a test? - a question which the heroine herself and the audience of the film will have to answer.
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THRU (2021)
A story about a filmmaker who puts everything at stake to make the movie he is passionate about. It offers a rare glimpse behind the curtains of 'business of dreams'.

This movie will speak to many, raising the question: "How would it feel like if we just leave everything behind, and get on an exciting adventure to fully explore our creativity without a backup or plan B?"
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"A recluse mob cleaner, Raymond, is derailed by the arrival of his teenage niece, May. He now must protect her not only from the mob but also her abusive past, which he too is familiar with..."

THE DOG WALKER offers a stylized take on the family drama with elements of crime thriller and dark comedy. The characters' journey to healing is genuinely touching and is likely to resonate with many. The visual side with a special focus on urban art gives the story a very cult vibe and promises a great cinematic experience.
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